NappyTime® Changing Mat NappyTime® Changing Mat

Easier. Cleaner. Safer.

NappyTime® Changing Mat

Award winning safety
for babies

The NappyTime® Changing Mat has received multiple awards from top industry specialists, is tested to and exceeds general BSI standards and is highly recommended by UK user groups, parent forums, public services, retailers and hospitals.

NappyTime® Changing Mat

No more stress,
no more mess...

NappyTime® Changing Mat is the only baby changing mat in the world with a patented built in four point safety harness and rigid backboard to stop dangerous split second falls and keep wriggly babies still during messy nappy changes.

Easier. Cleaner. Safer.

Find out why?

Find out what parents think about NappyTime® Changing Mat...

And how it has made a real difference to thier lives.

Changed my life!

A. Petridis (Essex)

Ever since our little girl started to crawl she has resisted lying down on the change mat, and just about every nappy change became a battle to keep her there for the duration. Changes were taking much much longer than before, and creating stress when time is limited. Distraction with new objects worked too rarely. And don't start me on getting poo on the wall on more than one occasion...

A must for mobile babies

Mrs. C. Tabb

I can't speak highly enough about this product. It has changed our lives for the better! Nappy changes had become a nightmare with my 9mth old who constantly rolled out of my grip and crawled away no matter what state his bottom was in! I dreaded changing his nappy as I would be sweating just trying to keep him in place long enough to do a half decent job and he would be screaming his head off. It was a horrible experience for us and as he was teething it could happen 6 or 7 times a day...

A great product, 5 stars

J. H. Buckingham "JClo" (Rugby)

My Little boy is now 11 months old and changing him was becoming very problematic, as he was wiggling everywhere - not easy to clean him after a dirty nappy. This changing mat has made life so much easier and I would recommend it to anyone. He is happy when strapped in, and changing his nappy has suddenly become straight forward and clean again. I think that it's an excellent product and am so glad that we bought one!

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