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Changed my life!

A. Petridis (Essex, UK), 16 Jun 2012

Ever since our little girl started to crawl she has resisted lying down on the change mat, and just about every nappy change became a battle to keep her there for the duration. Changes were taking much much longer than before, and creating stress when time is limited. Distraction with new objects worked too rarely. And don't start me on getting poo on the wall on more than one occasion...

The Rabbitts mat is a godsend, a simple idea that has completely removed the stress of nappy change. Our baby realised very quickly that there was no point trying to roll over once she's in the harness, so she is much calmer and rarely fights to get off the mat now even on the occasions when she struggles at first. I can approach nappy change safe in the knowledge that I will still get to work on time!

A must for those with determined, mobile babies!

Mrs. C. Tabb, 28 April 2012

I can't speak highly enough about this product. It has changed our lives for the better! Nappy changes had become a nightmare with my 9mth old who constantly rolled out of my grip and crawled away no matter what state his bottom was in! I dreaded changing his nappy as I would be sweating just trying to keep him in place long enough to do a half decent job and he would be screaming his head off as I tried to keep him on his back. It was a horrible experience for the pair of us and as he was teething it could happen 6 or 7 times a day...

Cue the Nappy Time Safety Mat. From the very first nappy change everything was different. He protested about being strapped in but then he used to protest about having to lay flat anyway so no change there. Within a very short time he stopped protesting and played with the toy I gave him instead and I could get on with calmly changing his nappy in peace. Granted he still kicks off from time to time if I linger too long but the difference is:

  • - I no longer have to worry about the mess getting everywhere
  • - I'm not the one having to keep him in one place so I have two hands to get on with the job which means I'm much less likely to get a leaky nappy
  • - it's so much less stressful
  • - I no longer dread changing his nappy
  • - happier Mummy means happier baby...
  • Thank goodness someone brought this product to my attention - I really couldn't be happier! Do, do get it if nappy changes are stressful due to your baby being strong and mobile!

A great product

J. H. Buckingham "JClo" (Rugby, UK), 10 Jan 2012

My Little boy is now 11 months old and changing him was becoming very problematic, as he was wiggling everywhere - not easy to clean him after a dirty nappy. This changing mat has made life so much easier and I would recommend it to anyone. He is happy when strapped in, and changing his nappy has suddenly become straight forward and clean again. I think that it's an excellent product and am so glad that we bought one!

Perfect for disabled and non-diabled parents of wriggly babies.

Lucy, 4 Aug 2012

Absolutely brilliant. We first found one in a service station so when we found one for sale we bought it in a heart beat. My husband is disabled and so wriggly babies can be a nightmare for him. It is also great for me too. It has lasted well (we bought it quite a while ago).

Excellent quality product.

Julia G, 19 Jan 2013

This is a great product that does exactly what it's supposed to. It's really robust and although it's much more expensive than a regular changing mat, if you change your baby above floor level it's definitely worth the extra money. The only thing I would change would be to have a washable mat for the top half and not just the bottom half, as my baby doesn't like lying back on the cold plastic. It would be tricky to get it to fit because of the straps so I can see why they don't do one currently.

Perfect for wriggling bottoms.

Clairelou, 16 Sep 2012

My little boy is not the easiest child in the world to deal with when it comes to nappy changing times as he never lies still, a friend suggested I buy myself one of these mats and I haven't looked back since I did as it keeps him in one place during nappy time and I know he is safe should he try to roll over on the changing table.

Fantastic product - has changed our lives!!!

Fletch, 17 Jun 2010

Fantastic product. First used one of these at a service station and thought it was a very clever idea however the price put us off buying it. With baby no.2 however we went ahead and got one because she struggles like mad whenever you change her nappy and mornings were getting very stressful for all of us!!! Brilliant product, easy to use, durable and has completely revolutionised our morning screaming nappy changes. Best thing we ever bought.

It is great

Alicia Parkin, 25 May 2013

I have a very active 7 month old Baby and the Nappy Time mat is great it takes the battle out of changing a nappy. Once I started using the mat my little one has not rolled over during a change and is still happy during nappy changes.

I'm so glad I bought one.

Marcie Vallonchini, 20 July 2014

I bought one of your changing mats at the Baby Show at the NEC recently. I'm so glad I did. I have a rather active 9 month old who will not keep still. Ever. He twists around and turns over so I can't change his nappy without your changing mat. It does keep him in place. He doesn't like being strapped in but he needs to be.

Some suggestions for you....please could you invent a travel version? I dread changing him away from home. It's a nightmare on those dirty pull down changing stations in public places. maybe it could be a concertina effect so you can fold it up but you still get the solid board effect when open? Reins could be attached also. I'm happy to help test any prototypes!

Also, could you design some fabric inserts for the bits above the waist part so the baby is not lying on something plastic and cold? At the moment I use muslin cloths but they don't fit well and move about.

It's a great product. Have you approached the large retailers? I know lots of Mommies who need this product!